We receive quite a few questions about what to expect at the various brothels in Nevada, including many from people who are new to America and not sure what to expect.

First of all, let us just clarify: Nevada is the only state in the US where prostitution is legal.

Please do not roam outside of NV expecting to receive the same service from the same type of establishments that are posted on these pages.

It won’t happen. And if it does, you’ll be breaking the law.

Sex in Nevada: Common Questions

Why are most Nevada brothels close to the border?

There’s a simple answer to this.

Because Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal.

By setting up shop close to the Nevada border, these establishments can bring in punters from both Nevada and the neighboring state.

The second reason is because brothels are only legal in certain counties of Nevada, and most of those happen to be close to the Northern border.

If prostitution ever becomes legal in Las Vegas (unlikely), rest assured, the geo-dynamics will change considerably.

Are brothels closer to Vegas more expensive?

Yes, normally.

You’re paying the Vegas tax.

Any brothel that is only a 60 minute drive from Sin City is marked up in price.

These brothels also benefit from a large number of tour packages where groups of men (or women) visiting Vegas hit a few clubs on the strip and then head outside town for a brothel ‘experience’ to remember.

Of course, limo or no limo, it’s easier to drive one hour to reach these venues than it is the several hours to reach Northern Nevada.

Many international travellers don’t quite appreciate the sheer size of American states. If you say that a brothel is located on the other side of the state, they will instinctively think a 90 minute drive tops.

As those of us who have experienced Nevada’s many thrills can attest… they are scattered a significant distance from the Vegas strip.

The closer the brothel to the strip, the more likely that you’ll be paying steep prices.

What’s the best advice for a first-timer who’s nervous about going to a brothel?

Our advice is to simply go there without the pretext of getting laid.

Most Nevada brothels have a bar attached to them; somewhere you can relax and sip a drink to break the ice.

The ladies working in these venues are highly skilled and used to dealing with nervous clients. They’ll do their best to put you at ease and engage in light conversation before the subject goes anywhere near sex.

Although if you are in a rush, don’t worry. It’s certainly possible to jump straight to the point.

How do I know that I won’t get an STD?

All licensed brothels are obliged to practice safe sex and have their ladies STD-tested regularly.

The fact that brothels are legal in Nevada has a major positive: the ability to regulate and provide industry protection for the ladies working in them.

As Dr Joe Iser, chief health officer of Southern Nevada’s health district says:

“The fact is that in surrounding counties that have legalized prostitution, the transmission of STDs is diminished because workers are being monitored. They are tested every week. I think that legalizing sex work in Clark County would help to bring our rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and other sexual diseases under control.”

Monitoring sex workers is key for reducing STDs.

Please don’t meddle with this luxury by requesting ‘bareback’ or unsafe sex.

You won’t be served by any reputable brothel, nor should you want to be.


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