Prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, so you will not find any legal brothels in Sin City.

You will, of course, find individual prostitutes working in Vegas, but there are risks to using one.

These prostitutes are not hard to find in bars, casinos and hotel lobbies — but to be safe, we would advise a short drive out of town to one of the many legal brothels in the Nevada area.

Nye County is the best choice for brothels within a short drive.

It lies just north of Vegas, around a 60 mile drive. The main city is Pahrump, and you can find some of the most famous brothels in Nevada in this part of town.

How can you tell if prostitution is legal in Nevada?

Nevada law states that the city or town must have under 700,000 residents for prostitution to be legal. (It’s a strange one, isn’t it?!)

Getting to a Brothel from Vegas

The brothels in Pahrump offer pick-up services that will collect you from your hotel in Vegas, and take you to the brothel. Most of these services are free.

If that sounds a little generous, rest assured, there’s still money changing hands.

The brothels have cosy deals with the taxi and limo services whereby the driver will receive a percentage of your spend inside the brothel.

Given that the house is also likely to take 50% of your spend, this is a good reason to offer a nice tip to any girl who goes above and beyond the call of duty!


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